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Adventure Time Top Mysteries #1: Who is the Lich?

Adventure Time Top Mysteries Lich

There’s a Lich in all of us. There is a flaw inside every character of Adventure Time that left un-kept would turn them against the world. As we saw in episode “Jake the Dog”, the Lich wasn’t a foreign enemy to our world, but the transformation of one of its inhabitants taken over by a moment of unspeakable terror (in that alternate reality, the detonation of the bomb). It’s not too far to theorize that the Lich is created once someone from Ooo faces an event of overwhelming despair.

The Ice King, originally seen as a villain and madman, is shown to be a decent, loving person in another time where he looked after Marceline. Finn the Human, our protagonist and defender of Ooo, has had darker moments where he manipulates others whether it be making Flame Princess fight the Ice King or playing with “all the little people”. Few characters in Adventure Time are purely “good” or “evil”, and the story is written to show when characters are out of balance. With that said, we go to examine one of Adventure Time top mysteries: Who is the Lich?

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1. Simon the Lich?

adventure time top mysteries - simon the lichWe’ve seen the Ice King in some sad times. Despite his careless insanity chasing princesses, Simon has made sober choices throughout the series when he returns to a stable state of mind. In “I remember you” and “Simon and Marcy” we see the Ice King go to extreme measures, as well as making large sacrifices to protect Marceline. In Season 5 opening episode “Finn the Human”, we find out that in the alternate reality (or “Farmworld” as fans have dubbed) Simon sacrifices himself in hopes of stopping the bomb holding what would create the Lich. In the most recent Ice King focused episode, “Betty”, we again see Simon again giving up what he truly wants (a sober death and escape from the madness of the crown) for his love Betty to have a chance at returning his sanity. The sum of these countless sacrifices, through numerous worlds and times, would eventually turn anyone into a being that hates all worlds. Additionally, with the lost of Betty pushing Simon to madness, the lost of someone like Marceline too could push him into evil.

2. Finn the Lich?

adventure time top mysteries - finn the lichWhile Finn has been light-hearted through most of the series, more recent episodes have shown a much darker side. In “All the Little People”, we see Finn’s fascination with manipulating lives over run his own. He more or less destroys the world of the little people, making everyone’s lives miserable or depraved before coming to his senses. We again see Finn’s manipulation seep through in “Frost and Fire” where he lies to Flame Princess and the Ice King in order to live out his twisted fantasy. Finn has been shown to have an obsessive nature, whether it be defending the Candy Kingdom or achieving what he wants. Perhaps in a different reality, an obsession did get the best of Finn and turns him against the world.

3. Jake the Lich?

adventure time top mysteries - jake the lichWe actually do see Jake turn into the Lich in the alternate Farmworld when the bomb detonates. Left unexplained, it is still a mystery why Jake turns into the Lich while Marceline doesn’t. It’s not just the bomb or the green ooze that turns someone into the Lich, it’s another set of circumstances that turns you. In this reality he sees his best friend Finn puts on the crown and loses his sanity, becoming the Ice King. Losing Finn in the current reality, could easily be what pushes Jake past the limit and make him hate the world.

4. Bubblegum the Lich?

adventure time top mysteries - bubblegum the lichBubblegum Princess, who is arguably the biggest defender of Ooo after Simon loses his sanity, has been guiding the citizens of Ooo for nearly a thousand year. She takes on a heavy burden for the people, especially in episodes like “Bad Timing” where she frees LSP from her memories of Johnny, holding onto the past and drinking a bit of that misery away. In other episodes we see Bubblegum Princess extremely detached from emotions in order to make the “right” decision for her people. She has experimented, failed, and destroyed her creations time and time again as seen in “Rattleballs” and “The Lich”. The heavy burden of always making the “correct” decision wears on her could one day make her hate the very world she has sacrificed so much to protect.

5. Marceline the Lich?

adventure time top mysteries - marceline the lichDespite her playful behavior, Marceline has a dark and sober past. While it’s still a mystery how she wounded up in Ooo while her or where her dad has been all her life, we do know that she spent her childhood wandering in a post apocalyptic world. What’s worst, she loses her only friend Simon as he uses the crown to keep them safe. Perhaps the darkest hint the show has given about Marceline is that Hambo is no longer red in the future, implying she had to eat him at some point for survival. With little known about her father, Hunson Abadeer, there is also a chance that he could be a factor in creating the Lich (we have seen him enslave Marceline with a necklace before). While Marceline has already lost quite a bit and still kept her sanity, it’s unforeseeable how the lost of Simon, as the Ice King, would affect her.

With little mysteries left untold in Adventure Time, we highly doubt that the Lich will be left off as an unknown, untold source of evil. It’s much more likely that he is someone we have yet to meet, or someone who is already an inhabitant and current friend of Ooo. Who will become the Lich, or what circumstances creates his existence, is one of Adventure Time top mysteries. We’re eager to see how the writers of Adventure Time want reveal what the Lich truly is, and how he’s created.

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