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Best Adventure Time Episode

What are the best Adventure Time episodes of all time? It was extremely hard to narrow down a list of our top 10 favorite episodes of Adventure Time. We felt that this is more of an essential mix than an exclusive top 10 list. We chose a diversified grouping of episodes, from weird to funny to heart-breaking. These are the episodes that you could show a new-comer yet watch yourself time and time again. We present our favorite episodes from Adventure Time and what makes them so special.

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Best Adventure Time Episode #10
Jake Suit

best adventure time episode 10 jake suitThis episode is just pure comedic gold. After becoming agitated with Finn for being too rough when he’s using Jake as a suit of armor, Finn request that they trade places. Jake controls Finn’s body and attempts everything possible to make him cry mercy. Unable to fully control and harm Finn physically, Jake resorts to hurting and embarrassing him emotionally. He takes him to dinner with Flame Princess’ Father, proceeds to drop Finns pants, and sing his childhood song “I Can Puncha Yo Buns”. Still able to endure the emotional punishment, Jake has one last option of making Finn crack – jumping into a volcano. With his face inches away from the fire and about to die, Finn still refuses to give up and Jake is forced to resign. Elated that he has won, Finn puts on the Jake suit and jumps into the volcano.

Best Adventure Time Episode #9
Hot to the Touch

best adventure time episode 9 hot to the touchFinn, heart-broken that his many advances to Bubblegum have all been seemingly squandered. He meets flame princess and begins to develop a crush for her. While this episode on a whole is not as emotional or hilarious, there is one quote that makes the whole thing worthwhile. Finn is overcome with emotions, and he speaks a stream of inelegant yet profoundly sincere and genuine words. This is still our favorite quote of the entire Adventure Time series.

I just like you. I think I… I think I like-like you. Listen, when I look at you, my brain goes all stupid. And I just wanna hug you, and sit on the couch and play BMO with you. I can’t explain why, but, I never felt this way before and I think we should be together.

Best Adventure Time Episode #8
The Tower

best adventure time episode the towerLiterally holding onto his long lost father, Finn had lost his arm in the process. Finally realizing that his dad was not at all who he hoped he would be, and that he had lost his arm over someone that simply abandoned him, Finn begins to build an unreasonable tower in hopes of reaching his father for revenge. Pulling pieces of Ooo together to stack an insanely large tower to go rip off his father’s arm in revenge while singing a tune about it was funny as it was sad. In the end, Bubblegum pretends to be his father through a disguise to give Finn a choice of revenge or forgiveness. Bubblegum does receive a black eye in the process, but is able to convince and free Finn the hatred he’s held for Martin.

Best Adventure Time Episode #7
King Worm

best adventure time episode king wormAdventure Time’s very own inception episode. We start off the episode with clues that all is not well such as Finn’s hat having longer ears. Slowly realizing that he is stuck in a dream and that even Jake is simply a figment of his imagination, Finn begins to desperately wake up. This episode was so amazing in that it foreshadowed future events such as “Farmworld”, Finn losing his arm, and The Lich being freed. Finally giving into his fears and allowing them to destroy his mental state, he is able to wake up from this weird, twisted and very real dream.

Best Adventure Time Episode #6
The Monster

best adventure time episode the monsterThis episode was just pure humor. It displayed LSP or Lumpy Space Princess at her prime. Having run away from home in a tantrum, she quickly finds out she has zero survival skills. After collapsing in despair, a pack of wolves take her in and she becomes one of them. She even howls to the moon with them. As shes telling the story, all the wolves have names and personalities because “she could read their body language”. But yet again, our overly dramatic princess begins causing drama which agitates the wolves. Being wild animals, they quickly turn and try to eat her. The tale of the wolves alone made us laugh to tears and is one of the best moments of the show period.

Best Adventure Time Episode #5
Memory of a Memory

best adventure time episode memory of a memoryThis is one of Adventure Time’s more abstract, mind-trip episodes. Finn and Jake enter into Marceline’s memories to try and wake her up. Unfortunately, they are tricked by her ex-boyfriend Ash who is using them to find and steal the memory of him selling Hambo and Marceline breaking up with him. As they fall deeper into Marceline’s memory we learn more about her past such as Hambo, her father eater her friends (yo man don’t eat those…), and Ash. Adventure Time loves revealing truths and pasts about characters and events though alternate states, and this episode was a prime example of this.

Best Adventure Time Episode #4
Bad Timing

best adventure time episode bad timingThis episode focuses on LSP, which is probably everyone’s favorite-ridiculous-dramatic-unreasonable-lumpin character. She finally finds a good, healthy relationship meeting “ugly” Johnny at a bar. Told through a looking glass the entire episode, the viewers see a cone of seemingly random events around the main story. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding and LSP’s insecurities getting the best of her, she teleports Johnny into another dimension. That is, before Molotov cocktailing Bubblegum’s castle in a fit of rage. The story ends on a dark note on two levels. The first being that while LSP chooses to forget about Johnny and her sorrow, he is stuck outside the “bubble” looking in and longing for her. The second being Bubblegum pouring herself a drink as she bears LSP’s emotional sorrow for her. Bubblegum has sacrificed herself for Ooo many times before; even when they are completely ungrateful.

Best Adventure Time Episode #3

best adventure time episode lemonhopeSo this episode just caught us off guard completely. Having been freed from the tyranny of Lemon grab, lemon hope is the only one of his kind with the luxury of freedom. That said, we see the humorous and ironic circumstance of having too much freedom. He completely disregards his people and lives a unreasonably carefree life. As he looks up a cloud dying in the dessert heat, he mumbles “freedom not to rain I guess, haha” – and it encapsulates his entire philosophy on life. Freedom. The episode does make a point that freedom does come at a price, and he did have to repay his debt to his people and Bubblegum (even though to the barest level) to rid himself of his own mental prison.

Best Adventure Time Episode #2
The Vault

best adventure time episode the vaultAfter countless nights of Finn waking up from nightmares, Jake and BMO hypnotize him into dealing with his subconscious demons. The episode  reveals that it is not his subconscious haunting him, but an unpaid debt from a past life. Remember his past life as Shoko, a thief for hire, the story is told through Shoko and Princess Bubble’s relationship. Hired to steal Bubblegum’s pendent, Shoko is sent undercover to bypass Bubblegum’s guards. However, upon receiving such unfamiliar kindness from Bubblegum (even given a new arm), Shoko begins to rethink her position. With her life threatened, she regrettably moves forward and attempts to steal Bubblegum’s Amulet. The Gumball guardians attack and kills Shoko in the process. Shoko dies without ever being truly able to express her gratitude for Princess Bubblegum’s kind treatment, she leads Finn to the amulet hidden under his house – finally able to rest and repay the debt.

Best Adventure Time Episode #1
I Remember You

best adventure time episodeFor most of the series leading to this episode, we saw the Ice King as a typical villain – always trying to steal princesses. He is usually portrayed as an insane hermit who lacks the social ability to connect with others. Revealing his past, we get a better understanding of his character before losing his mind to the crown. He was once a kind, sensible man who comforted and protected Marceline after the Mushroom War; giving her Hambo and arguably her love for music. We come to the realization that he has isolated himself from the world to protect others from his insanity. Finding a long lost (and forgotten) song Simon wrote in the past, him and Marceline play it out together. Unable to communicate verbally and realizing how distant they’ve become, music becomes a last desperate reach for some semblance of a connection.

With so many other great episodes and more to come with the coming seasons. We believe there is no way we can contain ourselves to only 10 best episodes of Adventure Time. We can’t wait for new, unforgettable moments from this amazing show whether it makes us laugh or cry.

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I hope you are happy today.

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