Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith by Narga-Lifestream

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay

Who are the best Final Fantasy cosplayers and characters? We tried our best to scour the internet for the most well designed and creative cosplay costumes from Final Fantasy fans. In no particular order, our list of greatest Final Fantasy cosplays!

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Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #10
Balthier and Fran (Final Fantasy XII)

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Fran and Balthier by Ippiki-Ookami01This extremely detailed cosplay from deviantART user Ippiki-Ookami01 blew us away. While were not a great fan of Final Fantasy XII…We love the design and hard work that went into this combo creation.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #9
Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith by Narga-LifestreamThis cosplay of Aerith from Final Fantasy Advent Children is beautifully put together with great photography. Cosplayer Narga-Lifestream did a fantastic job of recreating our beloved flower girl from the slums of midgar.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #8
Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Lightning by cyberlightDeviantART user cyberlight did an amazing job of adding onto Lightning’s look from the game. The costume feels like a mix between all versions of Lightning as she progresses through the series. Hopefully Lightning’s Return the game will be as good.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #7
Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX)

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Beatrix by Rose0fMayBeatrix is captain of the guard of Alexandria. This exquisitely detailed cosplay of her holding the Save the Queen sword is photographed beautifully. Credits to Rose0fMay on this incredible recreation our beloved Final Fantasy IX female bad-ass.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #6Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Tifa by M_Yuu
Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

The similarity between this cosplayer and Tifa from Advent children is nearly seamless. With most Tifa cosplays being more/less a cleavage contest, we were happy to see someone hold true to the game (she’s even wearing her ribbon for safety). Credits to M-Yuu of deviantART.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Terra by LilianaBest Final Fantasy Cosplay #5
Terra Brandford (Final Fantasy VI)

Our favorite female character of all time in the Final Fantasy series gets a imaginative modern cosplay. Keep in mind that Terra was just a mere pixel during the SNES days, so this coplayer had to use that and concept art to create this piece. Credits to Liliana of ACparadise.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Rydia by elschBest Final Fantasy Cosplay #4
Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)

Likely a lesser known character for today’s modern gamers. Rydia was a significant and wonderful character in Final Fantasy IV. This cosplay of how she may look in the After Years is wonderfully done by elsch of deviantART.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Shiva - HexReedflyBest Final Fantasy Cosplay #3
Shiva Sisters (Final Fantasy XIII)

The work that went into creating our beloved ice summon is just incredible. Credits go to HexReedfly of deviantART for their meticulously detailed and accurate depiction of the summon. Just waiting to be called into battle at this point.

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Pixel CloudBest Final Fantasy Cosplay #2
Pixel Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

We’ve tried looking all over the internet for the owner of this brilliant cosplay. Especially with everything from games, art, and movies being computer generated, its so refreshing to see content that is genuine to the original. We play the victory song for you pixel Cloud!

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #1
Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Cecil by NeilBombadI can’t even imagine the countless hours this guy put into his recreation of Cecil. This looks like borderline battle-ready armor than a mere costume. Credits go to Neil Bombad for this insane cosplay.  I wonder how well it would withstand to a real life meteor attack…

We did our best to credit all these great cosplayers whose home made, passionate, love infused creations bring a smile to our faces. True Final Fantasy fanboys and fangirls. We can’t wait to see more designs and fill our next list of best final fantasy cosplays!

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I hope you are happy today.

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