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Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2

When we created the Best Final Fantasy Moments list, we had to cut out many of our favorite moments to cut it down to 10 moments. After much discussion between a few great Google+ communities (honorable mention to the Role Playing Video Game community), we felt the need to create a second list. Here we include the best final fantasy moments which we hold dear to our hearts, even though they may not be as popular. Here is our list of best moments from Final Fantasy Part 2!

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Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #10
Terra’s Magitek Intro (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy moment part 2 terraThis intro is incredibly epic to me as I had never seen SNES graphics look so beautiful before. As the fantasy music plays in the background and Terra(who made our list of Hottest Final Fantasy Girls) marches through the snow in her Magitek armor, gamers knew immediately that they were in for something magical. Every time I replay this game, the snowy intro brings a sense of nostalgia and awe.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #9
Galuf’s Death (Final Fantasy V)

best final fantasy moment part 2 galufGaluf is easily my favorite character in Final Fantasy V. He’s a constant source of comedic relief and his corny jokes are a personal high-point for me in this entry to the series. Galuf sacrifices himself, using all of his strength and energy, to prevent¬†Exdeath from killing the party. Despite desperate attempts to revive him with magic, he perishes at his granddaughter’s, Krille’s, side.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #8
Ramza and Alma’s Fate (Final Fantasy Tactics)

best final fantasy moment part 2 tacticMore so than a moment in Final Fantasy, this entry to our list is in honor of one of the best story lines in Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Tactics is an often over-looked game in the series due to it’s vastly different gameplay. Great moments include Delita and Ramza’s leaf-whistle flashback scene, Delita’s apparent betrayal and countless other memorable relationships and story-lines. Although it appears our the siblings Ramza and Alma dies during the final battle, a glimpse of them from bystanders gives hope and assumption they live on.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #7
Farewell Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy IX)

best final fantasy moment part 2 ixThe ending of Final Fantasy IX was very magical with Zidane and Dagger embracing each other as Steiner and Beatrix finding their own moment despite their long rivalry (all while “Melodies of Life” plays). However unknown to me at the time, is that this ending was actually a farewell love note from the developers to fans. Many classics are represented such as Vivi present as a classic black mage, Dagger in a white mage costume, and a theater scene in reminiscent of the Opera scene in Final Fantasy VI. This was a goodbye to the classic story telling and character development that has never reached the same greatness.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #6
Sephiroth’s Decent into Madness (Final Fantasy VII)

best final fantasy moment part 2 sephirothI will never forget the moment Sephiroth peers into the chamber and understands that he is not a human, but a monster cultivated for the sole purpose of killing. Unable to handle the horrible truth about his existence, your fellow comrade Sephiroth turns upon Shinra, and ultimately the world itself. Understanding the root of his insanity makes Sephiroth (who’s masamune made our list of Best Final Fantasy Weapons) one of our favorite villains too as we see he is not inherently evil, but a product of other’s misdeeds.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #5
Hangin’ with Ultros (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy moment part 2 ultrosWhile not as “epic” or dramatic as many of our other choices. Hanging out with Ultros throughout Final Fantasy VI is both one of my memorable and enjoyable moments of the game. From where he first jumps on your raft and says “Yeowch! Seafood soup!” upon being hit with fire, to him crashing the Opera, and finally becoming a friendly face working at the Opera House. Ultros made me laugh so many times, and I was so happy I didn’t have to kill him in the course of the game.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #4
Celes’ Suicide (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy moment part 2 celesThis was an extreme shocking and sad scene in Final Fantasy VI that was edited out of the American version. Celes jumps off the cliff upon her “grandfather” Cid dies in the world of ruin, but a failed attempt at suicide washes her back onto the shore. In the American version, it is more interpreted as she leaps to release herself of grief than attempt suicide. This scene is both beautiful as it is sad showing how devastating the world of ruin truly is.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #3
Cloud Discovers the Truth (Final Fantasy VII)

best final fantasy moment part 2 cloudPerhaps even more shocking than Sephiroth’s decent into madness, is that Cloud discovers his memories are not his own. They are in fact a fellow soldier, Zack’s memories, which Shinra has brainwashed into Cloud. A monumental moment for me was not only the surprise that the game story you actively played through were false memories, but that in contrast to Sephiroth’s hatred to the world for other’s manipulation of him, Cloud still cherishs the relationships he has with others.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #2
The Embrace (Final Fantasy VIII)

best final fantasy moment part 2 embraceAfter defeating Ultimecia, the timeline becomes seemingly broken and Squall is lost in the flow of time. After a journey through space and time, Squall finds himself alone. Rinoa finally finds him within the flow of time and they are all reunited. As they embrace each other, the time line is mended and Laguna is seen visiting Raine’s grave in his own time. Both love stories in their respective times are experienced and remembered.

Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 #1
The Lake Scene (Final Fantasy X)

best final fantasy moment part 2 lakeTidus finally learns the truth that summoners ultimately are sacrificed for the temporary halt of Sin. Yuna who has kept this secret, and her emotions hidden to keep the party’s spirits high for the journey, cannot hold in all her sadness and breaks down into Tidus’ arms. They kiss and embrace each other in Lake Macalania (while famous song Setuki Da Ne plays). While FFX is not one of my favorite entry in the series, this scene is one of the most truly well done moments in Final Fantasy.

There you have it guys! The best final fantasy moments part 2! I undoubtedly still have more great memories from this great franchise that are sure to have been left out, but I did my best to summarize and add insight to the moments that were truly meaningful to me. And who knows, as more games come out and past scenes remembered, there could easily be a part 3 in the future.

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I hope you are happy today.

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