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Best Final Fantasy Moments

The Final Fantasy series has been dear to many gamers providing countless, unforgettable moments.  From their use of beautiful cut-scenes to imaginative weapons, Final Fantasy has elevated itself beyond the norm by creating moments that players and critics will discuss, reminisce and treasure for years to come.  Here is our list of the best Final Fantasy moments!

(Update: Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 for those who can’t get enough!)

Best Final Fantasy Moments #10
Bahamut Battle
(Final Fantasy: Advent Children)

best final fantasy moment bahamutStill left with the bitter taste of Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, we were skeptical of an upcoming Final Fantasy movie.  Advent Children’s highlight is an epic battle feature all our beloved characters weapons and skills in tandem with each other to bring down the dragon god Bahamut! Fans rejoiced as they witnessed the entire party come together launching Cloud towards Bahamut’s end.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #9
Cross Dressing Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

best final fantasy moment cloudRunning through the grounds of Midgar looking for…women’s clothing?!? One of the most memorable moments in Final Fantasy comes unexpectedly set out to impress Don Corneo in the slums to ultimately save Tifa.  Going from shop to shop playing mini games to win the best outfit for our hero is a monumental moment. (Sadly though, Cloud did not make our list of Hottest Final Fantasy Girls)

Best Final Fantasy Moments #8
The Twin’s Sacrifice (Final Fantasy IV)

best final fantasy moment twinsAs the walls close in and your party’s death in at hand, the two playful twins Palom and Porom make the ultimate sacrifice.  Light-hearted and whimsical even in their last moments before turning into stone, their optimistic attitude in light of pending death will always be remember by gamers.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #7
Farewell Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

best final fantasy moment ffxSin is defeated and Spira is seemingly at peace. As the crew looks in horror at Tidus’ transparent body, Yuna runs towards him hoping to hold on.  Passing through him, she realizes that it is too late, and Tidus’ death at the end of Sin will replace hers. They share one last moment and bid farewell to each other.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #6
The Theater (Final Fantasy IX)

best final fantasy moment ffixZidane navigates through a castle chasing after a princess in a white mage robe.  As we play through this mini game on stage, elements of past Final Fantasy games are brought back.  The cartoonish art style, an opera scene, a four player battle system and character classes are all brought back for a final farewell as we move forward onto the next generation.  Final Fantasy games will never be the same, nor as memorable.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #5
Opening Battle (Final Fantasy VIII)

best final fantasy moment ffviiiThe duel between Squall and Seifer sets the scene for an epic storyline transversing time and space.  A vicious fight between two SEED members with gunblades interspliced with moments from throughout the story creates a surreal feeling to the whole event.  Time and space have been compromised, and a love story ties it all back together.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #4
Final Fantasy Interlude (Final Fantasy I)

best final fantasy moment ffiWhat starts out as a simple mission to save the princess soon turns into a massive journey across foreign lands and even space.  Ahead of its time and a visionary game, the original Final Fantasy was a masterpiece which set many precedents to later entries.  Defeating Garland and crossing the bridge as the famous interlude plays for the first time is a majestic moment in Final Fantasy history.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #3
Phantom Train (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy moment ffviYou board the Phantom Train, battling from stage car to stage car in hopes of reaching the front and stopping it once and for all.  However, as you defeat the train and it speeds away for the last time, Cyan’s family who had fallen at Doma castle appear to say their last goodbyes.  Cyan breaks down at his last glimpse of his family fading with the train.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #2
Opera Scene (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy moment operaUpon discovering that Celes has a striking resemblance to a famed opera singer, your party sets up a trap using her as a decoy.  As a player you are asked to memorize play lines and recite them to the audience.  The music and cinematics are simply amazing and every pixel is beautifully organized to form an unforgettable moment in Final Fantasy.

Best Final Fantasy Moments #1
Aerith’s Death (Final Fantasy VII)

best final fantasy moment aerithAeris ventures to the Forbidden Capital in an effort to use the White Materia against Sephiroth’s plot to summon Meteor.  As she summons Holy, Sephiroth descends from the sky impaling her with the masamune sword.  As she dies in clouds arms, he lowers her into the water.  The unexpected death of a central character will forever be our most memorable moment in any Final Fantasy story.

While we couldn’t fit every moment of Final Fantasy we loved on this list, we tried our best to highlight our most memorable moments. With more Final Fantasy games to come in the future, we can only hope that our list of best Final Fantasy moments will grow.  However we fear that modern day games may sacrifice story telling which create epic moments for flashy graphics.  We hold onto our controllers, and hope, that more amazing moments are set for Final Fantasy. Here is the Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2 for those who crave for more!

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