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Best Final Fantasy Weapons

Final Fantasy weapons are artful, ridiculous, and beloved by players of each and every game. These weapons are very imaginative as they are destructive. Whether your fighting off common foot soldiers or facing off with a mighty summon, you’ll be glad you are fully equipped with one of these weapons. Finding a rare or powerful weapon is one of the best moments in a Final Fantasy game (next maybe only to the hottest final fantasy girls). Here is our list of the best Final Fantasy Weapons.

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Best Final Fantasy Weapons #10
Excalibur II (Final Fantasy IX)

best final fantasy weapon ffixExcalibur II makes our list of favorite weapons by being one of the most difficult items to obtain in Final Fantasy. If a player is able to reach the end stages of the game within 12 hours of playtime, the Excalibur II sword will be available. In addition to being most powerful weapon for Steiner, the race against time to get this weapons is one of the most rewarding moments in Final Fantasy IX.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #9
Lightning’s Odin (Final Fantasy XIII)

best final fantasy weapon ffxiiiLightning’s Eidolon, Odin, is a thunder elemental horse which allows her to ride into battle. Odin delivers powerful lightning attacks that can damage a single enemy or an entire party. The crowning piece of Odin’s arsenal is his finishing “Zantetsuken” attack which cuts enemies in two if certain requirements are met.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #8
Throwing Weapons (Final Fantasy)

best final fantasy weapon throwA recurring battle option for most Final Fantasy games is the ability to throw items and weapons. Throwing a weapon usually deals magnified damage based on the weapon or item’s value but destroys it from the inventory completely. Players who choose to speedrun Final Fantasy games often rely on collecting and throwing weapons to overcome low level deficits.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #7
Yuna’s Aeons (Final Fantasy X)

best final fantasy weapon aeonsOn her path to destroying Sin, Yuna acquires the loyalty of many Aeons which aid her during battle.  These monstrous summons will side with your party if you are able to complete the Cloister of Trials in each temple.  Unlike most non-sentient summons in Final Fantasy, Aeons encourage and guide Yuna throughout her journey.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #6
Terra’s Transformation (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy weapon terraWhile most Final Fantasy games incorporate summons as allies, Final Fantasy VI sets your main character as a half Esper(summon) herself. Having both human and Esper parents, Terra has the ability to transform into an Esper given proper conditions. In her morph form, Terra’s magic abilities are vastly amplified.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #5
Sephiroth’s Masamune (Final Fantasy VII)

best final fantasy weapon masamuneSephiroth’s masamune is as cool and destructive as it is ridiculous. Extending over twice the length of the user’s body, the masamune is an absurdly large katana. Perhaps more noteworthy than its size is the lives it takes. Both Zack and Aerith fall at the hands of Sephiroth and his masamune.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #4
Squall’s Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII)

best final fantasy weapon gunbladeThe most ridiculous weapon in the Final Fantasy series (seriously, how does this even work?), Squall’s gunblade works as both a sword…and a gun. By timing your sword slashes with trigger pulls, you can get greater damage out of each hit. The gunblade’s notable Final Fantasy moments include the duel between Squall and Seifer as well as its design inclusion in future Final Fantasy games (Lightning’s weapon).

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #3
Kain’s Dragoon Lance (Final Fantasy IV)

best final fantasy weapon dragoonOne of the coolest attack options in Final Fantasy “Jump” is made available when Kain equips the Dragoon Lance. Leaping off the screen and avoiding all battle conditions for a few turns, Kain then falls from the sky dealing massive amounts of damage to a single enemy. By avoiding the battlefield during the jump stage, players are able to strategically evade high damage attacks.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #2
Sabin’s Fists (Final Fantasy VI)

best final fantasy weapon sabinBare hand fighting has been a part of Final Fantasy games from the very beginnings with the Monk class. It was hard to choose between the many martial artist characters including Zell and Tifa, but Sabin was our clear choice. By following a series of manual inputs, players can have Sabin pull off various damaging “Blitz” moves. The highlight of Sabin’s skills, of course, is his ability to suplex the Phantom Train.

Best Final Fantasy Weapons #1
Cloud’s Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

best final fantasy weapon cloudPerhaps the most iconic sword in the series, Cloud’s Buster sword takes the number 1 spot in our countdown of best Final Fantasy weapons. The massive sword is almost as big as Cloud himself. The sheer size and weight of the weapon ensures total destruction of all who oppose you. As seen in Advent Children, the Buster sword has evolved into a multi-sword weapon which detaches when Cloud performs the Omni-slash.

While we try to incorporate all of our favorite weapons into this list, we obviously had to leave some out. Notable mentions which could make most lists for Best Final Fantasy weapon include Save the Queen sword, Ragnarok, Mage staff, materia and Gilgamesh’s swords. We look forward to new and imaginative weapons the Final Fantasy series will bring in the future.

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