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Best LSP Moments and Episodes in Adventure Time

We count down the best Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) moments in Adventure Time. The over dramatic and often ludicrous Lumpy Space Princess has gotten herself into countless ordeals. We’ve seen her tear out Princess Bubblegum’s hair, terrorize a village of people pretending to be a monster, and fend off wildlife with the assumption they’re just “after her lumps”. But what are the best LSP moments in Adventure Time? The moments that make us double over and laugh in tears. We count down our favorite moments of our sassy princess from lumpy space.

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Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #10
Fruit Pie Lipstick

Best LSP Moments GotchaGoing undercover as Finn’s secretary, LSP tries her best at coming up with a disguise. Due to her lack of supplies, ingenuity, and plain common sense, she picks up possibly the worst combination of items possible. She finds a plastic grocery bag off the ground and turns it into a dress. Without the availability of real lipstick, she simply smears a fruit pie across her face.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #9
Definitely Can’t Call You That Anymore

Best LSP Moments JohnnyAmong our favorite episodes of the entire series so far, “Bad Timing”, we find LSP’s lonesome self at a bar spitting mad game. Meeting her childhood friend who she used to tease and call “ugly Johnny”, she apologetically and aggressively begins to hit on him. Her blatant advances are in fact some of the nicest acts LSP has done for anyone, and she does restore Johnny’s self-esteem and posture. In the end however, her insecurities get the best of her and ruins her chance at love and happiness.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #8
I Can Be Whatever He Wants

Best LSP Moments I can be whatever he wantsWhen the Ice King finally shaves his beard and pretends to be the “Nice King”, the ladies line up to court him. Obviously Lumpy Space Princess is in line and ready to make a move. Wondering if she would be more attractive “smooth”, the Ice King requests Finn punch her til she’s smooth. Because Finn is unable to hurt a princess, LSP takes it upon herself to start clobbering her body until it’s smooth. Unfortunately, she is still not good enough to be a choice for the Ice King.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #7
LSP You’re Wearing Garbage! Gotcha…

Best LSP Moments wearing garbageJake can no longer handle the cheap disguise and calls LSP out for wearing garbage. She had been an absolutely useless “undercover” secretary, causing more trouble than helping. Still completely in denial that they knew who she was the entire time, she floats away still wearing garbage whispering “gotcha”.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #6
No! It’s Not Whatevers

Best LSP Moments its not whateversHaving always keep a front of not caring about anything, LSP constantly says “whatevers”. However, after enough times shes had enough, and it’s NOT whatevers. She explains to Finn that even though she understands she always messes up, she’s trying really hard to do well this time. Scrunching up her face and showing her sharp teeth, she breaks down in tears and leaves Finn and Jake feeling like the inconsiderate party this time.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #5
Hey Girl Hey Girl (Ringtone)

Best LSP Moments hey girlJust the best ringtone ever. Having already hear her and Turtle Princess use the term “hey girl” to each other excessively, we discover she also has it saved as her ringtone. We all know someone with a “hey girl” ringtone; that’s how great this moment was.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #4
My Beans!

Best LSP Moments my beansOften being homeless due to constant tantrums with her parents, LSP is on the phone bragging about how well she’s doing to Turtle Princess. Her prized possession, a recently discovered can of beans, is all she has left to survive for the night. Finn and Jake, tricked by Marceline into thinking they were ghost, knock over LSP’s only source of food for the night.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #3
The Talent Show

Best LSP Moments talent show“These lumps, are not your lumps” Lumpy Space Princess has been rehearsing her song in preparation of the candy kingdom’s talent show. Despite sound fairly awful, LSP is pretty confident and ready to perform. To her shock and outrage, the group before her seemingly “steals” her song – leaving her on stage with nothing to perform with.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #2
The Molotov Cocktail

Best LSP Moments molotovFrom “Bad Timing”, LSP believes Bubblegum is trying to steal her boyfriend as she misinterprets the situation. After giving a long, selfless speech about letting the one you love go and being the better person, she quickly realizes she can’t be that person. With the same rag that she was drying her tears with, LSP lights a Molotov cocktail and throws it through Bubblegum Princess’ window.

Best LSP Moments in Adventure Time #1
The Wolves

Best LSP Moments the wolvesAfter throwing a fit and running away from home, LSP finds herself stranded in the wilderness. Unable to build shelter or fend for herself in the very least, she collapses in despair. A group of wolves take her in and “raise her as their own”. She is elated to run (and howl) as one of the wolves…that is of course until “the drama started”. LSP, with her imagination and dramatic nature again at work, begins to create a story of the wolves cheating on each other. Her anxiety and rash reaction agitate the wolves. Quickly realizing that these wolves are not the talking friends she imagined, but rather simply wild animals, she flees for her life.

We love LSP. Shes just completely absurd, sassy, and over dramatic. It’s just like watching a train-wreck; we simply can’t look away. With more episodes of Adventure Time still being produced, we can’t wait to add to our list of Best LSP Moments.

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