Best Metal Gear Moment the boss

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments

We count down our favorite 10 Metal Gear Solid moments with the hopes that the upcoming release, The Phantom Pain, will add more unforgettable moments to the series. With the series switching back from the cold war to present day timelines along with the main protagonist jumping from Big Boss to Solid Snake, there are countless great moments in the series that left us breathless. Some of these moments are defined by the unique and puzzling boss fights while others are focused on the deep story line and plot twist. So what are our top 10 best Metal Gear Solid moments? Let’s uncover the cardboard box and find out.

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #10
The Ladder (Snake Eater Theme Song)

Best Metal Gear Moment LadderOne of the more subtle surreal moments in the Metal Gear Solid series is the ever long tunnel that you climb in Metal Gear Solid 3. While making your way up this unrealistically long ladder and hearing the theme song Snake Eater playing in the background, you quickly forget all the “realism” from the survival elements of the game and are brought back to story-line with supernatural elements. It is one of the most memorable and unexpected moments of the series that most fans have come to love.

I’m still in a dream, Snake Eater…

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #9
Dreaming of Shadow Moses (Metal Gear Solid 4)

Best Metal Gear Moment Shadow MosesAs a piece of fan service along with an inside joke that we all long for the greatness that was the original Metal Gear Solid on Playstation, Solid Snake dreams of his pixelated past from the first game during a plane ride back to Shadow Moses. Set in the one of the final chapters in Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Playstation 3, fans are given a nostalgic look back at the first game that really brought the franchise to fame. Playing Metal Gear Solid in the original graphics was a surreal, funny, and nostalgic experience for us.

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #8
The Cardboard Box (Metal Gear Series)

Best Metal Gear Moment cardboard boxYou’re stuck in a jam, there’s a huge walking tank that’s capable of launching nuclear weapons and what do you use in this critical moment? The trusty cardboard box. Proving that although the game does touch on serious subject matters such as war and legacy (sometimes even being a bit preachy), Metal Gear Solid doesn’t always take itself so seriously. We love the cardboard box. It represents that the series still understands that it is a game and reminds us that creativity can overcome the most dire situations. Putting on the ridiculous box and sneaking pass enemy soldiers is one of the most rewarding and hilarious moments in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #7
The End (Best Sniper Fight)

Best Metal Gear Moment the endThe best sniper fight in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. You are given multiple options on how to deal with this boss and must use your wits to overcome the battle. Spread across multiple areas, it becomes a game of cat and mouse to see who can spot the other sniper first. Among the more creative ways to harm The End is to kill his parrot which he uses as a spotter. Another way to kill him is to snipe him prematurely right after an earlier cut-scene while he is seen in a wheelchair. Finally the most creative way to kill him is to out-wait him to death by either leaving your machine on or moving the time settings on your console forward. It’s an extremely unique battle with many clever ways to achieve victory, and one of our favorite boss fights in the whole series.

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #6
Fission Mailed (Metal Gear Solid 2)

Best Metal Gear Moment fission mailedIn addition to the awesome cooperative play with you controlling Raiden fighting along side Solid Snake, this weird and trippy breakdown is one of the highlights of Metal Gear Solid 2. As your nano-machines begin to breakdown, Raiden starts receiving non-nonsensical messages from the Colonel. He even starts seeing video of Japanese models in his radar screen. During the intense battle along Solid Snake, the game turns to a seemingly “game over” screen with the words mission failed misspelled to “Fission Mailed”. You are experiencing a mental breakdown through Raiden as he slowly realizes most of his mission has been a deception and questions his own reality.

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #5
Laughing Octopus (Metal Gear Solid 4)

Best Metal Gear Moment laughing octopusThe first of the boss of the game and member of the “Beauty and the Beast” clan, Laughing Octopus is a really strange and unique battle. Like a scene out of a horror movie you are lured into a cabin in the woods to face a foe that can camouflage herself into nearly anything. As you run around the cabin, nearly everything from a painting to your trusty friend the Mk. II can possibly be the enemy. She even disguises herself as Naomi at one point asking for help. What’s even creepier is that once her shell has been defeated, you are left with a war-torn and sadly insane beauty that follows you around. As you put her to rest, her horrific tale is revealed to how she became the “beast” that she is now.

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #4
Fighting Metal Gear (Metal Gear Solid Series)

Best Metal Gear Moment fighting metal gearThroughout each of the Metal Gear Solid games and even the NES games, you are faced with taking down the giant beast known as Metal Gear. The fight is always a battle against a seemingly unstoppable killing machine and that you must take down. In the original Metal Gear Solid, you must defeat Metal Gear Rex armed with only chaff grenades and stinger missiles.  In Metal Gear Solid 2, you fight multiple Metal Gear Rays as Raiden and must face them in packs of up to 3. As Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3, you must fight the first incarnation of Metal Gear Rex Aka. The Shagohod. In the most recent full release, Metal Gear Solid 4, you actually get to step inside Metal Gear Rex and battle Liquid Snake as he rides in Metal Gear Ray.

Metal Gear?!?

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #3
Cyborg Ninja (AKA Frank Jaeger)

Best Metal Gear Moment cyborg ninjaThe Cyborg Ninja is one of the coolest characters in the Metal Gear Solid series. He is actually what sparks a long chain of events through his “human” life as Frank Jaeger. It is essentially because of Frank’s death at the hands of Solid Snake that Naomi injected Snake with the Foxdie and continued experiments with nano-machines. Fighting the Ninja the first time was especially terrifying as you first walk down a hall of butchered bodies to ultimately meet your rival Gray Fox. Being revived as the Cyborg Ninja, Frank has only fleeting memories of Snake at first and is seemingly insane as he deals with the resurrection. It is incredibly sad in the as he sacrifices himself for Solid Snake, asking him to tell Naomi what he never could – that it was in fact him that killed her parents.

Now! Make me feel it! Make me feel alive again!

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #2
Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

Best Metal Gear Moment psycho mantisThis was definitely the defining moment of Metal Gear Solid 1 for me. I was blown away by the entire game in general with the introduction of full voice acting and incredibly unique boss fights. Psycho Mantis, however, stood above all others as he messed with our minds (and our controllers) and not just our life bars. Breaking the 4th wall, he asks you to place your controller on the floor. Using his “psychic” powers (aka the rubble feature, he moves your controller in front of you from beyond the physical realm. He proceeds to read your memory card scanning your playing tendencies and even recounting if you have played past games. This boss battle was a surreal and creative mind trip that will be remembered by Metal Gear fans for years to come.

You like Castlevania, don’t you?

Best Metal Gear Solid Moments #1
The Boss (Field of Flowers)

Best Metal Gear Moment the bossOne of my favorite backdrops to any boss fight. A field of white flowers as you (Naked Snake) face your mentor The Boss in a final duel. After a heartfelt and sincere speech by The Boss, it becomes inevitable that to keep the nations at peace her life must be scarified. Having seen the earth from afar and coming to realization that we are one entity separated by nations and ambitions, she gives herself up for the greater good. In her last moments she shares with Snake her past, philosophies, and final words with him. As she dies, the field of flowers turns blood red momentarily as if the earth itself was morning her death. Snake would be forever scared by her death and the events of the series would be set in motion.

Jack, let’s make this be the greatest ten minutes of our lives.

With Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain coming out, we can surely expect more spectacular moments from Kojima. Narrowing down this list to only 10 of the best Metal Gear Solid moments was a difficult task and many of our favorite scenes had to be cut. With much debate, we may yet put out another list of our top 10 favorite moments once Metal Gear 5 has been released, and we can see Big Boss’ decent into madness.

I hope you are happy today.

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