Best RPG Games - Top 10 List

Best RPG Games

Best RPG Games by The Top 10 Lists. Our list of essential role-playing games that every gamer should experience in no particular order.
Best RPG Games
Best RPG Games

The best RPG games that every video game lover should experience. Rather than count down a list of our top 10 favorite RPG games, we thought it would be better to list in no particular order our fondest role playing games. Great and unforgettable RPG games are made when a perfect mixture of creative game-play, witty writing, and a moving story-line blend together. The following are our list of best RPG games that gave us an unforgettable experience.

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Best RPG Games
1. Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - Lufia 2Lufia 2 was an incredibly different experience from most RPG games at the time by incorporating complex puzzles along with a darker story-line.  Written as a prequel to the original Lufia, fans knew the sad and inevitable fate of our heroes. Yet the compelling story and character development still kept us going though we knew how the story would eventually end. Another strange side game which is ingrained in the mind of all hardcore fans is the 100 level dungeon which challenged gamers to the limit in hopes of uncovering the mystery on the last floor. With most RPG games today are quite easy with a lot of hand-holding towards the next destination, we have a fond memory of finally solving each difficult puzzle and overcoming a hard boss battle.

Best RPG Games
2.  Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - Super Mario RPGAs a huge step away from pure platforming, Nintendo and Squaresoft (now sadly Square-Enix), gave the plumber one of his greatest adventures. Never before did we see how Mario, or any character in that franchise, show so much personality. Bowser teaming up with Mario in hopes taking back his castle from Smithy is one of the most unlikely and enjoyable duos to date. Our personal favorite is of course Booster, a weird new character introduced into the series looking for love in all the wrong places. Mario RPG was the first RPG we played that introduced timing, platforming, and execution mechanics which kept us on our toes at all times. The character development, hilarious writing, and outstanding gameplay makes Mario RPG one of our fondest and most memorable RPG games of all time.

Best RPG Games
3. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - Lunar 2Ok, well admit that we were a bit spoiled getting the Playstation version box set with all the bells and whistles (full anime cut-scenes and OST CD). In fact, it even came with a metal collectible necklace from the game. Unlike a lot of final fantasy RPGs, and other games at the time, the Lunar series had a fairly “simple” story-line which relied more on character development than convoluted plot threads. We slowly fell in love with each and every character, and the amazing soundtrack fully pulled us into the world of Lunar 2. Even replaying Lunar 2: Eternal Blue today, the game as aged incredibly well as the beautiful music and witty writing overshadows all the flash of next generation graphics.

Best RPG Games
4. The Legend of Zelda

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - ZeldaWhile this game is not your typical turn based strategy game that we generally group into the RPG genre, it introduced many elements that are used in role playing games today. The puzzles, exploration, and story telling elements (without using massive amounts of text) are RPG elements that really stand out in this classic game. Character stat/equipment progression and freedom to roam an open world are also components that are used in classic and modern day RPGs. The Legend of Zelda, while mostly identified as an action/adventure game, belongs in our memories as an action/RPG that paved the way for genre. There was never a doubt between us whether or not this game belonged on our list of best RPG games.

Best RPG Games
5. Final Fantasy (Original)

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - Final FantasyWhile we must admit that the very first Final Fantasy game was actually one of the more recent Final Fantasy game we’ve played, we were still blown away by the depth of the story and advanced gameplay. This magnificent game was way ahead of its time. We traveled across land, sea, space, and even time throughout this epic adventure which made our list of best final fantasy moments. One of the biggest surprised was how amazing the still was on the 8 bit console. Having played the original version, the difficulty was unforgiving with instant death attacks and rarity of phoenix downs. While we recommend playing the remake as it is more balanced and visually appealing, having beaten the very first Final Fantasy was an experience we will never forget.

Best RPG Games
6. Earthbound

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - EarthboundOnce again back to the golden age where Squaresoft was still its own company and teamed up with nintendo, Earthbound was born. The concept of this RPG was simply amazing at the time. We travel to each different city, which were all wildly unique. The people in each town had their own troubles, beliefs and quirks. In fact one town didn’t even speak a comprehend-able language. In addition to the different characters, each city took on an art-style of its own. The result felt almost as if you were playing a different game every time you travel to your next destination. The cherry on top of this marvelous game was once again the amazing sound track and cameo appearances by an in game band, the “Runaway Five”.

Best RPG Games
7. Xenogears

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - XenogearsOriginally meant to be created as Final Fantasy VIII, the team took the project on such a wildly different direction that Squaresoft decided to release it under a different title. Xenogears introduced a fun battle mechanic where you can chain together light, medium, and heavy attacks to ultimately perform character specific combos. Mixing fantasy, philosophy, and giant mecha-robots called “Gears”, the crowning achievement of Xenogears is its incredibly deep, complex story-line and outstanding character development. There have been many spiritual successors such as the Xenosaga series, but none have come close to reaching the magnificent of Xenogears. Not only is Xenogears rated among us as one of the best RPG games ever, but is included in countless other lists.

Best RPG Games
8. Final Fantasy III/VI

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - Final Fantasy VIWhile Final Fantasy has a special place in my heart as the first game in the series I had finished 100% of the way through, we conclude that Final Fantasy IV (FFIII in the american release) is the best game in the series. The huge advancement in graphics and gameplay was revolutionary at the time. Each and every character has their own unique and engaging story line. Our encounter with the halarious Ultros is remember more as a friend than enemy/boss. The climax of this game is of course it’s many emotional and unforgettable cut-scenes such as the Phantom Train speeding away with Cyan’s family and the Opera scene with Celes (who made our list of Hottest Final Fantasy Girl) disguised as a starlet. Final Fantasy VI is our 2nd personal favorite RPG game of all time. Final Fantasy VI has also made our list of Best Final Fantasy Moments numerous times.

Best RPG Games
9. Diablo

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - DiabloAlright…before you all pick up your swords and axes, hear us out. Diablo isn’t your typical RPG game with a strong, driven story-line and character development. However, it added many new elements that would be implemented (for better or worse) in many future RPGS. The factor of randomized dungeons, an unhealthy obsession of grabbing loot, and multiple play-styles really made Diablo such an addicting RPG that held immediate replay value where other RPGs didn’t.

Best RPG Games
10. Chrono Trigger

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List - chrono triggerThe greatest game ever created in our book. The intricate yet simple story line took us from the present, to the past (all the way dinosaur ages), and to a distant and bleak future. The complex battle system with team dynamics which was quite easy to learn but took much experimenting to perfect. The unforgettable characters, each with their own fascinating personal stories and relationships with one another. Even to this day, the visual and musical experience is more enjoyable to us as modern age graphics and convoluted stories. Our personal favorite RPG, and game in fact, of all time is Chrono Trigger.

We wrote here what we thought are the best RPG games that every gamer should experience. Worry not, this list is only the beginning. There are many left off the list which we will cover in future installments such as Final Fantasy VII, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom,  Lunar: Silver Star Story and many others.

I hope you are happy today.

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