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Best Walking Dead Weapons

The Best Walking Dead Weapons from Top 10 Lists. Which weapons and wielders are the deadliest in the Walking Dead? We discuss and review the best weapons!

So what are the best Walking Dead weapons throughout the show so far? Rick and his team of survivors utilize a wide array of both practical and creative weapons to dispatch “walkers” during the zombie apocalypse. We count down our favorite 10 weapons from the Walking Dead! *Spoiler Warning*

Best Walking Dead Weapons #10
Carl’s Silenced Beretta 92FS

best walking dead weapons Carl's BerettaAlthough it lacks the sheer firepower of the guns used by the other survivors, this gun can still drop a walker at a hundred paces, and do it quietly too, thanks to the home-made silencer fixed on the barrel. One of Rick and Carl’s many father-son projects, the makeshift silencer is cobbled together from whatever material the duo could salvage, and serves to make sure that Carl doesn’t get eaten prematurely by any stray walkers who may be attracted to the sound of gunfire. The stopping power of this gun may seem insignificant, compared to the high powered weaponry used by the others, but just like in the case of Carl himself, don’t let its size fool you.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #9
Shane’s Mossberg 590 Shotgun

best walking dead weapons shane's shotgunWhen it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, nothing beats a trusty shotgun by your side. A single blast from this baby will rip apart any walker foolish enough to stand in your way. Whether aimed at walkers or his best friend Rick, this shotgun is deadly tool which reflects Shane’s personality. Shane uses a myriad of weaponry from the survivors’ arsenal, but when the going gets tough his shotgun is always his go-to weapon.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #8
Rick’s Colt Python

best walking dead weapon rick's coltWhether keeping the peace or blowing the head off a errant walker, Rick’s signature weapon gets the job done in style. This large caliber revolver is the definition of “one shot. one kill”. When he’s not on the farm improving his relationship with his spade or giving rousing speeches, Rick wields his weapon with deadly precision, dispatching anything that stands in his way. However how he manages to slaughter wave upon wave of walkers with a six-shooter without pausing to reload is the true mystery.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #7
Daryl’s  Crossbow (Horton Scout HD 125)

best walking dead weapons Daryl's CrossbowSilent, yet deadly. The weapon of a true hunter. Perfect for stealthily annihilating zombies as well as making Daryl’s trademark raw squirrel kebab.  Although a crossbow involves the ever-present danger of accidentally shooting oneself, as the seasons progress, while the other survivors form bonds with each other, Daryl sticks by his first and only love – his crossbow. Although he eventually upgrades his crossbow to a much more deadly Stryker Strykezone 380, the much beloved bromance with his Horton Scout still endures, as he probably has it stashed in the back of his pickup, all wrapped up in a baby blanket.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #6
Lil’ Merle (Merle’s Bayonet Prosthetic Arm)

best walking dead weapons lil MerleWho needs a hook when you’ve got a bayonet. When it comes to “unarmed” combat, Merle has a sharp edge over the opposition. Although life has dealt him a decidedly bad hand (no pun intended) – being Daryl’s older and less attractive sibling and missing a hand to boot – Merle makes the best of it by turning himself into a walking weapon. One would assume that losing a limb would dampen the fighting spirit of even the most hardened survivor, but Merle returns deadlier than ever with lil’ Merle at his right hand.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #5
The Governor’s Bare Hands

best walking dead weapons the GovernorAlthough he tends to use a veritable arsenal of guns, the Governor isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, brutally killing a trio of walkers who ambush him and Meghan with his bare hands. When it comes to a pit fight, my money is on the Governor. In hand to throat combat, the Governor is truly King. Tearing the throat out of one walker in a single motion, and using a bone from a pile of human remains to rip the jaw off another, the Governor’s fists boast a brutality that none of his more elaborate weapons could match.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #4
Carol’s Bag o’ Knives

best walking dead weapons carolWhen it comes to knives, not even Daryl can match Carol’s enthusiasm. Whether you need to neutralize an approaching zombie or dispose of an infected comrade, Carol has the ideal knife for the job. The Angel of Death within the band of survivors, Carol isn’t afraid to do what is necessary, using her deadly array of knives to unflinchingly eliminate any threat to their groups’ survival, be it from an external force or from within the ranks of their own band. A true artist with a blade, she also drills the younger members of the group in the rudiments of knife combat, to pass on her legacy.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #3
Michonne’s Katana

best walking dead weapons michonne's KatanaAn elegant weapon from a more civilized time (and place). In the hands of a skilled wielder, this can quickly dice up a horde of walkers into zombie chop suey. Nothing is more silent, swift and deadly and vastly more suited for close combat against walkers than three feet of razor steel. Ooh shiny. In a world where ammunition is a limited resource, Michonne’s katana efficiently cuts a swath through the ranks of the undead without having to worry about running out of ammo like lesser mortals.

Best Walking Dead Weapons #2
M60 Patton Tank

best walking dead weapons tankFifty tons of lumbering steel with a 90mm main cannon and a .50 cal machine gun mounted on top for good measure, this armored behemoth can take out an army all on its own. Why bring a gun to a knife fight when you can bring a tank? Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the Walking Dead busts out the big guns with the Governor’s tank. Although it managed to destroy the prison beyond repair on its armored rampage, it stood no chance against…

Best Walking Dead Weapons #1
Daryl Dixon – One Man Army

best walking dead weapons Daryl DixonThe only thing more bad-ass than Daryl Dixon is Daryl Dixon tomorrow, as proven when he takes out the tank by slipping a grenade down the cannon barrel.  Using the hapless walkers as human shields while munching on a squirrel kebab (not shown onscreen), Daryl maintains his cool demeanor a midst the chaos, dispatching walker and henchman alike with finesse. Although his temper tends to flare up like a raging inferno, Daryl is capable of maintaining a level head when the situation calls for it, which coupled with his way with weapons, and his natural grasp of basic military tactics makes him the One Man Army that he is. Daryl Dixon is most definitely the best Walking Dead weapon in face of the zombie apocalypse.

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