Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kojima’s Death Stranding


Hideo Kojima’s newest project Death Stranding has built up a massive amount of mystery and excitement following its announcement at E3 2016. Ever since the E3 announcement news media, other developers, and gamers alike have been scrambling to find out new information about Kojima’s newest project. To help fellow gamers understand and learn more about the upcoming title, here are …

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List of Final Fantasy Games

list final fantasy games

Looking for a complete list of Final Fantasy Games? We’ve got you covered here with a full catalog of all Final Fantasy games in the series. The first Final Fantasy game, the creator’s last ditch effort at a career in gaming gave birth to a legendary franchise which is still ongoing today. There have been 14 released games which can be …

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Best Metal Gear Solid Moments

Best Metal Gear Moment the boss

We count down our favorite 10 Metal Gear Solid moments with the hopes that the upcoming release, The Phantom Pain, will add more unforgettable moments to the series. With the series switching back from the cold war to present day timelines along with the main protagonist jumping from Big Boss to Solid Snake, there are countless great moments in the …

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Best RPG Games

Best RPG Games - Top 10 List

The best RPG games that every video game lover should experience. Rather than count down a list of our top 10 favorite RPG games, we thought it would be better to list in no particular order our fondest role playing games. Great and unforgettable RPG games are made when a perfect mixture of creative game-play, witty writing, and a moving …

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Best Final Fantasy Cosplay

Best Final Fantasy Cosplay Aerith by Narga-Lifestream

Who are the best Final Fantasy cosplayers and characters? We tried our best to scour the internet for the most well designed and creative cosplay costumes from Final Fantasy fans. In no particular order, our list of greatest Final Fantasy cosplays! Check out the Top 10 Hottest Final Fantasy Girls! Best Final Fantasy Cosplay #10 Balthier and Fran (Final Fantasy …

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