Best Bioshock Infinite Moments

best bioshock infinite moments songbird

Bioshock Infinite is definitely a contender for 2013 game of the year. So what are the best moments in Bioschock Infinite? As the series return to its original creator’s hands, we expected some of the same intense, unforgettable moments of the original Bioshock. Ken Levine did a fantastic job of creating a new world all while keeping similar themes and …

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Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2

best final fantasy moment part 2 lake

When we created the Best Final Fantasy Moments list, we had to cut out many of our favorite moments to cut it down to 10 moments. After much discussion between a few great Google+ communities (honorable mention to the Role Playing Video Game community), we felt the need to create a second list. Here we include the best final fantasy …

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Top 10 Hottest Final Fantasy Girls! Can You Guess Who’s Number 1?

hottest final fantasy girls lightning

So who is the hottest Final Fantasy girl? We made our list not just based on looks, but what the characters stand for also. Like most beauty contest (I’m such a creeper for even making that comparison), we will be judging our beloved contestants on their personality, talent, and “physical” beauty. Our list is scaled much more on these girls …

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Best Final Fantasy Weapons

best final fantasy weapon feature

Final Fantasy weapons are artful, ridiculous, and beloved by players of each and every game. These weapons are very imaginative as they are destructive. Whether your fighting off common foot soldiers or facing off with a mighty summon, you’ll be glad you are fully equipped with one of these weapons. Finding a rare or powerful weapon is one of the best …

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Best Final Fantasy Moments

best final fantasy moment aerith

The Final Fantasy series has been dear to many gamers providing countless, unforgettable moments.  From their use of beautiful cut-scenes to imaginative weapons, Final Fantasy has elevated itself beyond the norm by creating moments that players and critics will discuss, reminisce and treasure for years to come.  Here is our list of the best Final Fantasy moments! (Update: Best Final Fantasy Moments …

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