Best Adventure Time Episode

best adventure time episode king worm

What are the best Adventure Time episodes of all time? It was extremely hard to narrow down a list of our top 10 favorite episodes of Adventure Time. We felt that this is more of an essential mix than an exclusive top 10 list. We chose a diversified grouping of episodes, from weird to funny to heart-breaking. These are the episodes …

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Best LSP Moments and Episodes in Adventure Time

Best LSP Moments the wolves

We count down the best Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) moments in Adventure Time. The over dramatic and often ludicrous Lumpy Space Princess has gotten herself into countless ordeals. We’ve seen her tear out Princess Bubblegum’s hair, terrorize a village of people pretending to be a monster, and fend off wildlife with the assumption they’re just “after her lumps”. But what are …

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Adventure Time Top Mysteries

adventure time top mysteries - jake the lich

Adventure Time Top Mysteries #1: Who is the Lich? There’s a Lich in all of us. There is a flaw inside every character of Adventure Time that left un-kept would turn them against the world. As we saw in episode “Jake the Dog”, the Lich wasn’t a foreign enemy to our world, but the transformation of one of its inhabitants …

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Best Walking Dead Weapons

best walking dead weapon rick's colt

So what are the best Walking Dead weapons throughout the show so far? Rick and his team of survivors utilize a wide array of both practical and creative weapons to dispatch “walkers” during the zombie apocalypse. We count down our favorite 10 weapons from the Walking Dead! *Spoiler Warning* Best Walking Dead Weapons #10 Carl’s Silenced Beretta 92FS Although it …

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