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Top 10 Hottest Final Fantasy Girls! Can You Guess Who’s Number 1?

So who is the hottest Final Fantasy girl? We made our list not just based on looks, but what the characters stand for also. Like most beauty contest (I’m such a creeper for even making that comparison), we will be judging our beloved contestants on their personality, talent, and “physical” beauty. Our list is scaled much more on these girls significance to the story than their looks. Here is our list of hottest Final Fantasy girls!

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Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #10
Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX)

hottest final fantasy girls beatrixFinal Fantasy has had a history of strong female characters, and Beatrix stands as one of the more notable guards in Final Fantasy. Captain of the country’s army, Beatrix shows no mercy to anyone who threatens the  citizens of Alexandria. Beatrix is both feared and respected throughout Alexandria for her swordsmanship.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #9
Rosa Joanna Farrell (Final Fantasy IV)

hottest final fantasy girls rosa Rosa is a white mage in Final Fantasy IV and serves as a love interest for both Cecil and Kain Highwind (who did make our list of Best Final Fantasy Weapons). While Rosa is gentler than most female characters in Final Fantasy, she follows Cecil into battle frequently. Despite the love triangle she causes for the two friends, she serves as an interesting driving force in the story.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #8
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

hottest final fantasy girls yunaYuna makes our list for being one of the most interesting lead characters in a Final Fantasy game (she also made our list for Best Final Fantasy Moments Part 2). Unlike Terra or Tifa who are very physically and emotionally strong, Yuna is portrayed as a much more vulnerable character. She continues throughout the journey holding back the secret from Tidus that she will ultimately be sacrificed for the world. The scene between her and Tidus in Lake Macalania is one highlights of Final Fantasy X.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #7
White Mages (Final Fantasy Series)

hottest final fantasy girls white mageWe take a moment to honor all the healers that have kept our party alive throughout our adventures. Notable white mages do include Rosa and Dagger (who is 16 and obviously not on this list for that reason). A cure spell here and a revive spell there keep all these magic users dear to our heart.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #6
Lightning (Final Fantasy IX)

hottest final fantasy girls lightningA girl with a gunblade…need I say more? Lightning fights against fate itself  to try and save her sister – Serah. She faces countless dangers in order to try and save her sister after she had been branded as a l’Cie. While Final Fantasy XIII’s story wasn’t particularly strong, we have high hopes that the third installment, Lightning’s Return, will bring the series back to its old days of glory.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #5
Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)

hottest final fantasy girls aerithThe moment Sephiroth descends from the sky impaling Aerith with the masamune will be branded in every gamers memory. A flower girl in the slums of Midgar who cares for forgotten children, Aeirth represents purity and the White Materia. Her death is one of the most memorable Final Fantasy Moments.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #4
Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

hottest final fantasy girls tifaCloud’s childhood friend and fellow fighter makes our list for being both fierce and loyal. She is a martial artist that has one of the best fight scenes in Final Fantasy Advent Children. She makes our list for sticking it out with Cloud through his despair on the lost of Aeris.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #3
Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI)

hottest final fantasy girls celesCeles most likely has one of the famous scenes in Final Fantasy. Because of her striking resemblance to a singer, Celes is used as decoy during the famous Opera Scene. She is originally a Magitek knight for Kefka’s army and is tortured to be kept obedient. Another notable moment is during the World of Ruin where she can be seen committing suicide (only in the Japanese version) – jumping off a cliff.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #2
Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

hottest final fantasy girls rinoaRinoa makes our list for multiple famous scenes. She is in the famous opening intro where she “narrates” the tale. She takes a shy Squall to the dance floor in the ballroom scene. They embrace each other in the depths of space. Finally, as Squall finds himself lost in the stream of time, Rinoa reunites with him and mends the broken timeline.

Hottest Final Fantasy Girl #1
Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI)

hottest final fantasy girls terraIt was a easy and clear choice to make Terra our number 1 girl. She is the lead character for arguably the greatest Final Fantasy game ever made. Being the daughter of a human and an esper, Terra is metaphorical bond between the two worlds in Final Fantasy VI. She tragically loses her parents as a child to the human world yet still lives to try and find peace for both sides.

So there you have it. Our list of the Hottest Final Fantasy Girls. It was difficult leaving some out such as Lulu and Ashe, but we wanted to pick characters who had a strong impact in the story line. Who knows though, if there is enough interest we might just have to make another list…

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I hope you are happy today.

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