list final fantasy games

List of Final Fantasy Games

list final fantasy gamesLooking for a complete list of Final Fantasy Games? We’ve got you covered here with a full catalog of all Final Fantasy games in the series. The first Final Fantasy game, the creator’s last ditch effort at a career in gaming gave birth to a legendary franchise which is still ongoing today. There have been 14 released games which can be considered canon and countless spin-offs and mobile releases. Final Fantasy game’s list (Wiki) has been spread around a number of gaming systems starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sony Playstation, and today multi-platform releases including PC. Today we will only be listing the series’ canon adaptations from 1-14.

List of Final Fantasy Games #1: Final Fantasy

Released in 1987, the original final fantasy game was revolutionary at the time. The graphics and musics were among the best in class at its release date. You played as four chosen heroes who venture off in tale across different lands and even time to restore peace and order to the world. The class system allowed players flexibility to build their team how they saw fit. The first adaptation in this list was one of the hardest games to beat with seemingly random deaths dealt from high RNG.

List of Final Fantasy Games #2: Final Fantasy II

list final fantasy game 2Released in 1988, the second series in the franchise introduced games to cool new mechanics such as leveling through use of techniques. This would be later adapted throughout the series such as Final Fantasy VII where limit breaks could be unlocked based on number times previous techniques were executed. Final Fantasy II did not see an American release until many years later in the form of collectible editions and mobile incarnations.

List of Final Fantasy Games #3: Final Fantasy III

list final fantasy game 3Released in 1990, the third entry into the franchise kept inline with past Final Fantasy entries by using a turn based combat system. Like its predecessor, this game did not see an American release for many years later.  The story line of Final Fantasy III stars four orphans who obtain powerful crystals. The use of crystals would be used throughout the series in several adaptions such as the Espers in Final Fantasy VI and materia system in Final Fantasy VII.

List of Final Fantasy Games #4: Final Fantasy IV

list final fantasy game IVReleased in 1991, the fourth installment in the franchise saw an American release. The game is renowned as one of the best in franchise with an amazing score and unforgettable story line. The game revolves around the story of light and darkness as knight Cecil and Kain clash. One of our personal favorite in the series, this game truly stands apart by delivering one of the best soundtrack in the series. The simple gameplay of having characters with “stuck” classes has been criticized by some but is a welcome addition to us. We love the game and feel that RPGs are made great by intriguing characters, thoughtful gameplay and story line rather than massive customization.

List of Final Fantasy Games #5: Final Fantasy V

list final fantasy game 5Final Fantasy V was released in 1992 and brought a strange and entertaining story about adventure and…aliens? This game brought the series back to a job system where customization was key to success. Players fought against an otherworldly foe in Exdeath to save the world.

List of Final Fantasy Games #6: Final Fantasy VI

list final fantasy game 6Released in 1994 and commonly known as Final Fantasy III in the United States, this entry is often regarded as the best in the entire franchise. The storyline is second to none with a cast of unforgettable characters including a thief hopelessly trying to revive his love, a half Esper searching for her memories, and rune knight freeing herself from the use of an evil empire. Perhaps the most memorable villain of the series, Kefka was a madman (similar to the Joker). His manic laugh has become a permanent memories for all fans of the series. In our opinion, this is the best game in the series.

List of Final Fantasy Games #7: Final Fantasy VII

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