Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier
Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier
Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier

Is getting out of bed in the morning a drag everyday? We go over the top 10 ways you can wake up happier! We understand getting out of bed can be a hassle from time to time. That’s why we put together a list to help you wake up in a better state of mind. Get more energy out of your day, everyday, by following these simple tips and tricks!

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #1
Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night

Lack of sleep can make anyone grumpy and tired, and how you wake up can affect your mood throughout the day. Go to bed early enough so that you can wake up the next morning feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on what the day has in store for you. While certain studies differ in exactly how much sleep an adult should get each night, we feel the general consensus is that 8 hours is a healthy amount of sleep to help you wake up feeling better.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #2
Get organized

Having to scramble to find your socks, your shoes or your outfit for the day can be quite a hassle. Misplacing your car keys or having to iron your clothes, especially if you’re already running late can be a disastrous mood killer which could affect your entire day. Start your day right by knowing where everything is so you have plenty of time to relax and get ready for work.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #3
Eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast means that you start your day with low energy and plummeting blood sugar which can make you feel fatigued and irritable. If waking up fifteen minutes early means that you have time for a good breakfast, by all means, do it! Your energy levels and your mood will dramatically improve. We can’t say enough about getting a healthy meal in every morning. Breakfast is the fuel that your body needs to keep itself going throughout the day (especially the bad ones!).

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #4
Brew your own coffee

While grabbing your caffeine fix from your favorite coffee shop may be a standard routine, taking the time to choose a good blend of coffee and brew it yourself can be a very gratifying experience. Even the smell of fresh-brewed coffee has been show to significantly elevate your mood, so start brewing! Get your caffeine craving fix with some bold, delicious coffee. If you’d rather wake up to something more mild, we recommend a good tea which will relax you into the day.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #5
Make a to-do list

Not knowing what the tasks you have lined up for the day and the perpetual fear of forgetting to do something important can make you restless during your sleep and can even cause mild insomnia. Making a to-do list for the following day can help you wake up without the panic and stress. By planning out your day the night before, you can free yourself up to focus on actually accomplishing tasks rather than trying to figure out what they are!

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #6

Going out for a short walk or jog, or even ding some simple yoga and stretches can boost your mood and make you feel happier, especially during the winter months. Get your blood flowing to make your mornings more fun and fulfilling. And yes…we understand that exercising doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do so early in the morning. Exercising will be come routine and be less cumbersome as you get used to it and the elevated moods throughout the day will be well worth it.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #7
Talk to your loved ones

Conversations at the breakfast table or calling a family member or friend you care about is a ritual that could benefit you and your relationships with the people most important to you. Whether it’s a quick hello or a ten minute chat, speaking to someone can be a great mood lifter. It may sound strange but in our experience it really works! Give a friend a call and see how much better your day feels.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #8
Soak up the sun

Instead of switching on that extra light, pull back your drapes and let the morning sun do its work. Sunlight is therapeutic as it wards of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other depressive disorders, not to mention all that vitamin D you’re absorbing. Sleep with the blinds open so that natural sunlight can ease you awake. If you don’t have the comfort of this, there are plenty of artificial sunlight simulator alarms that you can try.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #9
Pray or meditate

Whether you identify as a spiritual person or not, meditating or praying can help you to refocus and reflect on the important aspects of your life. Clearing your mind and spiritually preparing yourself for the day ahead can be very helpful, as can engaging in some light meditation before going to sleep to promote a more restful and deep sleep to leave you refreshed.

Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Happier #10
Believe that today is going to be a good day

The power of belief is wonderful thing. Start your mornings believing that good things are in store for you today and strive to do your best regardless of what you face. Your positive attitude will have an effect on the people around you as well, which leads to a happier and better environment.

Forget about all those lousy mornings you’ve become so accustomed to. You can start your day off on the right note by following the best 10 ways to wake up happier.

I hope you are happy today.
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